Dial A Carpet Cleaner have been cleaning carpets and upholstery for residential and Business properties in Brisbane for over 10 years. Hi my name is Graeme Meade, I am the Owner/operator of Dial a Carpet Cleaner and I can offer a personal approach to home and office carpet cleaning services.

When you Dial A Carpet Cleaner we can help you to determine the best plan of action for your cleaning. We will outline practical services and products for your situation and we are conscientious of the impact that cleaning products have on the environment and on the health of ones home and workplace.

Covered by 10m public liability insurance. We have a variety of regular clients ranging from building managers in hi-rise units to townhouse and residential properties.

Also specialize in bond carpet cleaning. We have a very high rate of getting money’s returned from real estate and building managers. Any permanent damage to carpets I can recommend specialist carpet repair experts to you.

Dial A Carpet Cleaner

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Carpets have always had the tendency to hold on to particles of all kinds due to their varied textures so cleaning them regularly is imperative. When you clean your carpet, you’re not only trying to make your home/office look clean, but you’re actually making your surroundings safer. You also remove many effects that cause illnesses, such as pet hair and fine dust particles that are known to cause many sorts of respiratory ailments.

At Dial a Carpet Cleaner we use environmentally friendly chemicals, nothing harsh that could make your home unsafe. Call us now on 0418 189 251

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Dial A Carpet Cleaner is based in Upper Mount Gravatt, close to Brisbane city. We service all Brisbane suburbs, Bayside, as far south as Beenliegh, west to Redbank. See more…