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Carpets and Rugs have always had the tendency to hold on to particles of all kinds due to their varied textures so cleaning them regularly is imperative. When you clean your carpet, you’re not only trying to make your home/office look clean, but you’re actually making your surroundings safer. You also remove many effects that cause illnesses, such as pet hair and fine dust particles that are known to cause many sorts of respiratory ailments.


Carpet Cleaning Process

  • Pre vac to remove fragmented particles
  • Treat stains, heavily soiled and high traffic areas
  • Enfusing hot water and environmentally friendly detergent under high pressure
  • Hot water and dirt extraction using high-powered portable machine
  • Were possible carpets are then groomed


Fabric Upholstery Cleaning Process

  • Pre-inspection of fabric and item to determine whether cleaning came be done safety and without causing damage.
  • Pre-testing upholstery with chemicals that will be used
  • Vacuum
  • Pre spray using environmentally friendly detergent
  • Extract dirt using high-powered portable machine
  • Groom if necessary







Water Damage

I can help with small amounts of water, if you over fill the bath or your dishwasher or washing machine overflows; I can help with these problems. I can suck up excess water and dry the carpet using air movers. This method is called top drying; the carpet does not get pulled up. If your carpet has a water spill on it and you dry it yourself, it will probably leave a brown stain on it, I can usually remove that staining.

Dial A Carpet Cleaner does not carry out large scale flood work and fire restoration. There are specialist companies that carry out this work for insurance companies; they have lots of staff and tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment.




Dial A Carpet Cleaner

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